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Special Technology
Specialized Tunneling Methods
  Special Shield Tunnels 

Several innovative shield tunneling methods have been developed in Japan to enable the construction of tunnels of almost any cross-section shape. They include overlapping circular tunnels, such as the Double-O-Tube (DOT), Triple Face (TF) and Multi-Face (MF) types, as well as shields equipped with computerized arms that can be used to dig a tunnel in virtually any shape. NCC carries out lining design and construction supervision for these innovative shield tunnel types. We are also active in research and development for the continual advancement of the technology used in their construction.

NCC designed the segment linings and performed construction supervision for the following special shield tunnel projects.

Lining Design for Double-O-Tube (DOT) Shields
|Kikuta-River No.2 sewerage trunk tunnel, 1991 (diameter : 4.45 m, width : 7.65 m, tunnel length : 586 m)
|Tokyo Metropolitan Subway Line 12 Special Section tunnel, 1998 (diameter : 6.3 m, width: 12.92 m)
|Shanghai Subway Line, 2002 (diameter: 6.52 m, width: 11.12m, tunnel length: 1,700 m)
|Hiroshima Astorum Line,1989. Designed by Nippon Koei Ltd., with which NCC is an affiliate company

Construction Monitoring of Some Special Specific Shield Tunnels
|East Japan Railway, 1999: segment lining of a Multi Faced type shield tunnel (diameter : 7.2 m, width : 11.97 m, tunnel length : 619 m)
|Segment lining of a DOT type shield tunnel, 1993 (Multi-service tunnel in Ariake District, diameter: 9.1 m, width: 15.6 m)
|Triple circular-face slurry shield tunnel segment lining (Tokyo Metropolitan Subway Line 12, Iidabashi station tunnel, Width: 17.1 m, height: 7.8 m)

Special Shield

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